Wednesday, February 3, 2010

2010 Carp Winter Classic

The Sledge Hockey team are in town this week, and spent an evening in Carp last night. The Carp Agricultural Society hosted a Meet and Greet in the Carp Ag Hall from 5 to 7pm, where a couple hundred people mingled with Team Canada players. Sumi, one of the Vancouver 2010 mascots, was even on hand to spread the spirit of the Games. At 7:30pm, the players took to the outdoor arena to play a 4-on-4 Red & White game. A huge crowd, two people deep, lined the boards all the way around and were amazed at the athleticism of the Team. Judging by the smiles on their faces, the players were having fun, some even enjoying their first skate on outdoor ice. Welcome to Carp!

The evening raised upwards of $6000 for the Team to purchase new blades for their sleds. Having seen the evolution of the equipment over the years, it amazes me how much the game has sped up. These blades will give the Team a technical advantage on their road to Gold.
Many, many thanks to the good people of the Carp Fairboard for organizing this huge event to honor our athletes!!!

Here are a few pictures of the evening:
Tyler Nicholson with Ray Grassi (#21) and Herve Lord (#3).
It's a fact - Herve, who lives in Ottawa, is the oldest player on the team
and will be celebrating his 52nd birthday in Vancouver.
Ray Grassi lived in Carp while attending Algonquin College
and now resides in Windsor.

Ray is my "Hockey Twin". You can find out who your hockey twin is by visiting:

Sumi with Erin Nicholson, Derek Whitson (Team Canada #4), and Keegan and Kyle Matheson (Shawn Matheson #10's two boys).
Shawn and his wife Miki, owners of Matheson Woodworking, live in Carp and are vendors at the weekly Carp Farmer's Market all summer.

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