Monday, February 15, 2010

Believe it!!!

From the outset, the tagline in the media and on the VANOC site has been "The Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games". This is very promising for those who have struggled to find live coverage of the games over the years, but sort of a "believe it when we see it" feeling. Now that the Olympics are underway and the sponsors' advertising has hit our television screens, all I can think is, "It's really happening!!!"

At, you will see linked icons of all the Olympic and Paralympic sports displayed beside each other down the left side of the page.

Just this weekend, the kids were very excited to find a favourite sport represented in their McDonald's Happy Meals... Sumi the Sledge Hockey player, whose little arms/wings move their sticks, right beside his friends Miga and Quatchi in their bobsled...

On television, Nike's "Destiny" ad has been running for weeks and includes the likes of Jarome Iginla, Jayna Hefford, and Sledge Hockey's own Bradley Bowden, urging us to "Force Fate".

Heck, Canada Post even came out with stamps, just in time for Christmas!

Canada's Olympic medal count is up to 4 as I write this: 1 gold, 2 silver and a bronze and we have just enjoyed a relaxing Family Day weekend enjoying a variety of sports on television, including Alexandre Bilodeau's historical gold medal win for Canada.
Counting down 25 more days until the Paralympic Opening Ceremonies!!!
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