Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day 3 Sledge Hockey Summary

Czech Republic 4 - 2 Korea Preliminary Round - Group A 

Italy 0 - 1 Sweden Preliminary Round - Group B

United States 6 - 0 Japan Preliminary Round - Group A

Norway 0 - 5 Canada Preliminary Round - Group B 

So the match ups are set for the semifinals on Thursday:
Canada (1st in Group B) vs. Japan (2nd in Group A) @ 12 PT
USA (1st in Group A) vs. Norway (2nd in Group B) @ 7pm PT
On Wednesday it will be Italy vs. Czech Republic and Sweden vs. Korea to determine who will play for 5th & 6th.

Great game tonight - Jean & Todd got the assists for the Adam Dixon goal.  Saw the team for a short time after the game - they are ready to take on Japan on Thursday.  Tonight was a very physical game - we were really impressed that Marc Dorion, one of the smallest guys on the team, was not afraid to take on the huge Norwegians in the corners.
Bob Nicholson and Ken Corbin attended the post-game reception tonight.  Players chose two of their supporters to honour - Carol & Stuart were presented with a package from the Province of Ontario, along with two supporters from each of the other players.
A few more pictures...

Todd takes the faceoff in the Canada-Norway game

Two Nicholsons...

...and two more Nicholsons...



  1. Great pic of Jolene and baby!! What fun to have such a family celebration! Thanks for including us :)

  2. Hi guys. Erin's teacher, Mme Gibson says Go Canada Go!!! Love the pictures of Erin and family...looks like you are having a great time on your March Break.
    Look forward to hearing all about it Erin!
    Love Mme