Sunday, March 7, 2010

Journey to Vancouver - Ottawa Sun

Everyone can read the story today in the Ottawa Sun as to the reason why there are over 50 family & friends heading to Vancouver this week to show their support for Todd.

He has always been there for all of us over the years no matter what we asked.  And other than the millions of times we have moved his hot tub I can't think of anytime that he hasn't been involved in everything we do.

It is funny sometimes to watch my kids to see Todd in the chair and they don't know any different and they will say "Todd just get up and come out and play with us" and he has to explain to them that he can't get out of his chair and play but that he will come out and play with them they just have to do it differently.


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  1. Great story in the sun. A superb interview that played on TSN after the Olympics with Todd, Emily and the twins.

    Wishing Todd luck as his Oylmpic career winds down.

    He has already made everyone proud so hoping this is the party of his life with his family, friends and teammates.

    Go Canada Go!!