Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Proud Mom & Dad

This is from two friends, a father, grandfather, mother, grandmother and "German Media representatives" who were in Vancouver last week. We met people in the Holiday Inn on Broadway the Rosedale Suites on Robson last week and cannot remember their names but we do remember when Todd was 3 or 4 and Ernie Matt was his coach in Constance Bay and we had to lift him onto the ice. When Todd came off the ice we told him he should touch the puck and he said yes twice. We remember when Kevin was 10 or 11 and trying out for the Ottawa Valley Titans and came home from practice and told us that it was too expensive for us for him to play there. We remember when Jason was about 8 or 9 and was voted the most improved hockey player in his team. A couple of years later when his previous coach called to see why Jason hadn't registered, he told him to get someone else to open and close doors. When Gordie was very young and playing goalie on the way home from a game, Grandpa Cochrane told him "You can stop all the shots but someone has to score at the other end".

We were there when the people of West Carleton and the surrounding area got together on more than one occasion to support the dreams of a young man to "Never give up on your dreams". I know that Todd has inspired many young kids not only here but as we have travelled with him, people come over and tell us how their kids come home from school and tell stories about Todd.

We remember when we went to watch Amanda play volleyball and her knee pads looked like goalie pads; when we would watch Ashley play ringette and could see a lot of Kevin's moves in her. We have seen Andrew grow up to be a fine and proud nephew to Todd. We believe we were there when Erin scored her first goal in ringette. We were there when Tyler got his first hat trick and are hoping to see the next generation in their adventures.

We were there when two doctors from the Ottawa area nearly took Todd from us for the second time. We were there when a lady named Debbie from Vankleek Hill got Todd into the Hawksbury Hospital and then to Toronto to see Dr. Sibal. He told Todd he could not heal him right away but he could get him to the games in Torino. After spending ten weeks in hospital and rehab in Toronto, following the Torino games, we were in the hospital room to bring Todd home after several surgeries.

We did not go to Vancouver to see Todd get a medal. We went to see him play the game that he has trained for, promoted and given his heart to for most of his life.

Thanks to all of the family, friends, supporters who were in Vancouver and the ones from home. Our memories are Golden.

Love, Carol and Stuart
(aka Mom & Dad)

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