Sunday, March 14, 2010

Day One of Sledge Hockey

March 13, 2010

Canada 4 - 0 Italy Game 1

Norway 2 - 1 Sweden Game 2

United States 5 - 0 Korea Game 3

Japan 2 - 1 Czech Republic Game 4

In the end no real surprises of Day 1 but Norway made their game against a little more interesting than expected against Sweden as it required a shot to get the win.
Norway outshot Sweden 28-4 finally got the extra point in the shotout.  Sweden is Canada's next opponent on Sunday and they will have to get lots of rest and they play with a very short bench with several players playing over 40 minutes of the entire 50 minute game against Norway.
In the other pool US won with ease and Japan got past the Czech Republic to gain three points each.
Hope everyone is enjoying the coverage back home as we are enjoying the live events and sold out Canada games.

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